Protecting Buildings from Cyber Attack

In our latest article for KNX Today, the leading online KNX journal, we explore some of the steps to take to protect KNX projects from cyber attack.

Attacking industrial control protocols and building management systems (BMS) is nothing new. Over the last 18 months however, the number of reported attacks on such systems appears to be growing. The common thread between some of the more notable cases is Internet Protocol (IP) networks. The trend in deploying building control projects over IP networks has the potential to make those systems less secure – if you don’t exercise appropriate IP security.

The article highlights some of the simple steps to take to secure KNX projects delivered over IP networks. It’s part of a series of articles that addresses the changing deployment methods of BMS systems. Historically these systems have been deployed on their own self-contained network. It’s now popular to deliver KNX and BMS projects over IP networks. The articles focus on protecting these projects from cyber attack.

Alternatively, download our white paper “Providing Remote Access Connections for Building Services Projects”

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