Cloud Migration

“Journey to the cloud” is a term that is often over-used in the IT space. And as a term, it’s not without its flaws, but here at Abtec, the most important word of the four is “journey”.  Too often we see businesses rush to replace on-premise infrastructure with cloud-based solutions, only to find the promised cost savings, operational efficiencies and agility never materialise.  

At Abtec, we make sure such disappointments don’t happen, and work with you to ensure that Cloud isn’t adopted simply for “cloud’s sake” but to identify and implement the right solutions that realise the business objectives expected.  We do this through a number of steps: 

Cloud Readiness Consulting and Audit 

We start by understanding your current infrastructure and systems; what’s working well, what’s not, and what demands are placed across them.  This enables us to cut through any misconceptions about legacy systems and ensure that any challenges with them aren’t simply migrated into any new environment.  This is also an ideal opportunity to examine in detail both the cost implications and likely returns, from any migration work. Most importantly, it also identifies any dependencies and potential obstacles likely to be caused by migrating to the cloud.

audit of software and systems

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Platform-agnostic Approach

Whether you have an idea in your mind as to your choice of cloud environment, whether hybrid, or fully cloud, private, public, or multi-cloud, or whether you’re looking for guidance to make the right choice, we are here to help. As well as our own colocation and cloud services, we work with the likes of Microsoft and its Azure platform to ensure we provide a platform that uses the best possible platform for your business requirements.

Platform-agnostic working

Cloud Strategy and Optimisation

Of course, simply migrating applications and data to the cloud is just the start of your cloud journey. Left unmanaged, your cloud environment can quickly become as fractured and inefficient as any on-premise platform, and often this will result in unnecessary cost. We work with many clients on an ongoing basis to ensure that their Cloud environment remains operationally efficient, by minimising ‘sprawl’, demystifying billing and tracking usage and leveraging autoscaling.

Cloud strategy and optimisation