Microsoft 365 Services

Whatever business you are in, you are likely dependent on Microsoft to deliver a service to your clients (or indeed to communicate with them at all). It’s inevitable then that managing Microsoft applications and licences can significantly burden your internal IT resources.

Abtec’s managed Microsoft 365 services take the pressures of licence management, deployment, and updates off your hands, enabling you to make use of all the benefits of Microsoft 365’s features while concentrating on delivering for your clients.

Our Microsoft 365 Expertise

As a Tier-1 Microsoft partner, we are well-placed to advise and support you, wherever you are on your Microsoft 365 journey. Whether you are migrating from another cloud service provider or traditional on-site servers, we can help. Our accredited Microsoft specialist engineers have extensive experience and accreditation to provide you with expert advice.

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Microsoft 365 Plans & Pricing

Recent changes to Microsoft’s pricing models – including a drive toward annual subscriptions and shorter cancellation periods – now mean that selecting the right number and level of licences at the outset can have a significant impact on the ongoing cost-efficiency of your set-up. And it’s not as straightforward as you might think.

As a Tier-1 Microsoft CSP partner, not only are we able to ensure you benefit from the best possible pricing for your licences, but we can provide guidance on ensuring you have the best subscriptions to cover your existing and future requirements.

MS365 Pricing

Automate Your Operations With Microsoft's Power Platform

Migration to Outlook 365

We help customers to migrate from traditional Exchange-based on-premises or hosted email systems to Microsoft Office 365 in a manner that minimises business impact, protects legacy conversations and data, and improves end-user experience.

Having managed and delivered numerous Microsoft 365 migration projects for businesses in a wide variety of sectors, often with complex infrastructure and demanding compliance protocols, we can provide a reassuring, risk-free migration that meets your business’s specific requirements.

Migrating to Outlook 365

Microsoft 365 Security

One of the many advantages of Microsoft 365 is that it comes with many robust security features designed to protect your business data. Features such as Multifactor Authentication (MFA), Anti-Malware and Antivirus capabilities. These can be administered centrally and rolled out across your user base.

We work with you to ascertain whether your security posture is adequate for your requirements.  Then, advise and, where necessary, implement the right additional services to address any shortcomings. From that point, we can support the administration of the security of your Microsoft environment on an ongoing basis.

MS365 Security

Backup for Microsoft Office 365

There is a common misconception around Microsoft 365 and other cloud-based software solutions that, being cloud-based there is no need for additional backup. In fact, this is far from true.

While Microsoft guarantees 99.9% availability in the event of hardware failure, it provides no guarantee against data loss. And while retrieving the odd inadvertently deleted document is usually feasible, Microsoft actively encourages the use of a third-party backup, to protect your business from larger issues.

Abtec works with the world’s leading backup and recovery specialists to provide a managed backup service for your full Microsoft environment, meaning that, should the worst happen, it can be swiftly and accurately restored.

Not only does this protect the business from accidental or malicious data loss, but it also enables you to prove regulatory compliance in line with GDPR, FSA and other guidelines.

Microsoft 365 protect your data backup

Microsoft Teams Integration and Support

Over the last two years, Teams has become almost as ubiquitous in the business world as Word or Outlook, with a 55% market share of the video conferencing market. But if you’re only using Teams for video calls, you are missing out on an extensive suite of collaboration capabilities designed to ease many of the challenges of remote working.

Abtec can help you integrate Teams across your telephony solution, shared files, and presence to create a central hub for your employees to manage and share documents, projects and more within a single application

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