Proactive IT Management

At Abtec, we take a proactive approach to our IT management commitments. We believe that problems should be fixed before they impact the end user, which, in our experience usually ensures a more productive, happier workforce, longer asset lifecycles, and ultimately a lower expenditure.

What is Proactive IT Management?

Going beyond the traditional helpdesk, our goal is to reduce the number of calls into support by providing:

  • Regular system health checks
  • Patch and security management
  • Help desk trend analysis.
  • High-level audits and IT reviews
  • Regular site visits
Token-based IT Support

Reduce Risk and Cost of Failures

By consistently monitoring the health of your infrastructure, and implementing a regular maintenance programme, we’re able to identify and resolve vulnerabilities before they occur.  This means we keep your business running longer without unexpected downtime from sudden IT failures.

Our partnership approach enables us to map your IT infrastructure and understand it from a technical perspective. But, just as importantly, we get to understand how YOU operate and your organisation’s priorities. This helps us help you by being able to provide valuable advice about your IT infrastructure.

Reducing risk of failure IT

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Keep Your IT Infrastructure Secure and Updated

Our engineers create extensive documentation about your network during proactive IT support activities. By keeping records up to date, should an unexpected issue occur, we will be in a much better position to respond to and resolve it quickly, using the right people with the right skill sets for the job. These quicker fixes will have a positive impact on your system availability and subsequently on your bottom line.

Changing IT Infrastructure

Confidence in Your Systems Enables Better Planning and Improves Innovation

By keeping abreast of the state of your network, hardware and processes, our proactive IT management team can help provide your organisation with the insights that you need for effective future planning and analysis, to ensure you have the right systems in place for your next stage of growth. Plus, with our ears always to the ground, we will be able to advise on when and how to adopt new technologies that will support your business.

Future planning IT

Comply with Standards and Regulation

Our proactive IT management can also play a pivotal role in ensuring your organisation’s adherence to regulations and standards. From the robust security measures required by Cyber Essentials, the quality management and information security practices of ISO9001 and ISO27001, to the stringent data protection standards of PCI DSS.  Our services are meticulously aligned to help your organisation meet these benchmarks.

Protecting Buildings from Cyber Attack