Support & Maintenance

How we can help

Our approach to IT support is one of partnership. Whether you are looking for additional specialist skills to support an existing in-house IT team, or you’re looking for a full outsourced service, you’ll find our support engineers will quickly feel more like trusted colleagues than simply service delivery staff.

At Abtec, we provide tailored and flexible IT software support and maintenance. Our team of remote and on-site IT professionals are ready to provide the support you need when you need it most.

Freeing Your Internal IT Team up for Higher-Value Projects

A common challenge for internal IT teams is balancing the day-to-day demands of keeping the business running, while also finding time for the strategic IT initiatives that will move the business forward. When you’re constantly managing end users’ support tickets, patching and monitoring networks, it’s difficult to find the time to consider your next major investment, or even think about how your current systems could support the business better.

In this instance, the Abtec team can act as the perfect allies and extensions to the team – taking on responsibility for those intrusive day-to-day tasks and allowing internal staff to work on those major projects and strategic initiatives that really enable IT to add value.

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A Fully Embedded, Outsourced Team

For those businesses without internal expertise, the thought of managing a service provider can be almost as daunting as the technology itself. Not with Abtec. As well as a dedicated account manager and transparent SLAs, our team provide a service which many of our clients’ end users simply forget is outsourced, and we ensure that all our staff not only are experts in the technology your business relies on, but are familiar with the business itself, and what it needs from its IT.

Token-based IT Support

Hardware Maintenance

Our hardware maintenance packages provide reassurance to your business that if hardware fails, it can be fixed or replaced in a matter of hours, meaning any downtime of staff or technology is kept to a minimum. However, before replacement is considered, more often than not, our maintenance plans can significantly improve the performance, and extend the life of your assets, by addressing minor issues before they develop into major challenges.

Hardware maintenance can be tailored to your project; to suit your budget and the importance of your infrastructure. And with the bulk of our replacement hardware in our Leicestershire headquarters, it can be onsite at your office, or at an employee’s home, fully configured, with minimal delay.

Hardware IT Support

Token Based Support

Sometimes as an organisation you just don’t need an ‘always-on’ IT Support provider, but a dependable partner you can call on as and when you need help.

At Abtec, we understand this and have devised a token based support service for when a retained support package isn’t appropriate. With token based support, you benefit from the same skilled technicians and high-quality service you’d expect from us, but on an on-demand basis, drawing down support hours from a pre-purchased number of tokens.

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