Business Transformation 

If new entrants haven’t yet disrupted your industry, new ways of working or new customer behaviours, you can guarantee they soon will be. And in an environment where established operating models can change almost overnight, it’s important that you, and your infrastructure, are ready to respond to that change.

Across our group of companies, we work to ensure that our clients’ IT systems, the applications they rely on, and the buildings in which they operate, are agile enough to tackle business challenges, wherever they come from.

Migration to the Cloud

Cloud migration is often the first thing organisations associate with business transformation, and done well, for the right reasons, moving parts, or all of your data, networks and applications to the cloud can dramatically improve business efficiency and security. Done badly, however, it can be costly, insecure and frustrating for end users.

At Abtec, our approach to Cloud migration is underpinned by a desire to ensure every task we complete is done with a clear end goal: we ask the questions – why is this moving to the cloud? Should it move to the cloud? And what are the benefits or challenges with doing so? To ensure that any cloud investment is underpinned by good business sense. Being vendor agnostic, from with a sales and support perspective, means that we will always ensure you get the right advice as to whether to, how to, and what to migrate to the cloud.

Migration to the cloud tablet

Office Process Automation

Business automation is transforming the way businesses operate, offering a plethora of benefits that can enhance efficiency, productivity, and profitability. By automating routine tasks and processes, organisations can free up their time and resources to focus on more strategic initiatives, such as innovation, customer service, and growth.

Widely used, but often under-utilised, packages such as Microsoft 365 have the potential to deliver powerful automation workflows, from creating mobile apps and business reporting, automating standardised workflows such as annual leave requests and invoice reconciliation, to improving staff safety through monitoring of swipe card use.

We’ve helped organisations deliver tangible benefits with our expertise in business process automation.  Contact us to find out if our specialist knowledge of Microsoft’s Power Platform could help transform your organisation.

Office Process Automations

Business Continuity

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s the value of a robust business continuity plan. Maintaining business data and applications on a central, physical network is prone to a range of risk from malicious damage and ransomware, through to physical access issues or natural disaster.

Those organisations who invest in remote back up services and distributed cloud infrastructure are likely to be the best placed to recover quickly when disruption happens (and, unfortunately it will) with the right preparation, new infrastructure can be spun up in a cloud environment that replicates any compromised primary network, enabling staff and customers to go about their business as usual, within hours. At Abtec, we work with you not only to guide the selection and implementation of the appropriate backup.

Business Continuity with Abtec Network Systems

Flexible Workplace

As organisations of all types settle into new ways of hybrid working, there is an increasing need to find flexible ways of accommodating workers operating in-office and at home. Whereas staff once would ‘make do’ with a lack of access to certain applications when working remotely occasionally, now most of us are doing so 2, 3 or more days per week, the need to support seamless access to data, systems, and resources such as voice calls is now paramount.

Abtec’s expertise in this field is not new: we’ve been working with clients for many years pre-covid, ensuring that office and remote workers are able to gain the best possible access to and support from the applications and infrastructure they need to do their jobs well. As technology and best practice in the remote working space continue to evolve, we’re expertly placed to advise you on the best way forward to satisfy your business’s needs now and in future.

Flexible Workspace

Responsive Environment

With energy costs spiralling and an increasing social and regulatory focus on your organisation’s environmental impact, technology has a key role to play in ensuring efficiency stretches far beyond operations. The right solutions, implemented with the right knowledge in the right environment, can play a huge role in meeting green commitments, reducing energy costs and improving staff comfort through smart control of HVAC and lighting, even power servers and other infrastructure on and off as demand requires to save on consumption.

And it doesn’t stop with energy: Smart buildings can improve staff security by tracking the movements of lone workers, and counting staff in and out of a building during an emergency.

Abtec’s Building Technologies team work closely with clients at all stages of building development, from initial design and scooping, through fit-out, and into tenancy to ensure the finished structure meets efficiency and automation expectations.

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