Networks & Connectivity

There was a time when your business network was easily defined by a physical boundary.  That time now feels like ancient history to many of us, thanks to the rapid advance of cloud connectivity, remote working, BYOD and IoT.

Added complexity? Yes, but also added opportunity, to provide better working environments to staff, better service to customers, and greater productivity for the business. At Abtec, we work with you to ensure your business requirements – and your ambitions – are supported by network connectivity that enables you to work the way you want.


With traditional Wide Area Networks (WANs) being left behind by modern, dispersed ways of working, many businesses see the need to re-align their networks.

We work with you to define and implement a secure, cost-effective and flexible network that better supports cloud applications, dynamically adjusts for optimal performance, and provides a clearer view of what is happening across it.

Our approach blends private secure networks with direct internet access to optimise your bandwidth usage, network traffic distribution across sites and circuits, and application behaviour.

Network re-assembling

Global Ethernet

In an increasingly global operating environment, you need to ensure that the experience of staff and customers is consistent, wherever they are. You’ll also want peace of mind that the data and information shared on your network remains secure.

With a private Ethernet network that stretches over 196 countries, we can help you maintain high-quality connectivity for voice, and video calls, provide low-latency access to shared data and applications and additional security versus traditional VPN.

Whatever the ‘right’ global Ethernet solution is right for you, our team of connectivity experts will work with your team and, where necessary, with international counterparts to ensure you have the set-up in place that supports current and future data and connectivity requirements.

private ethernet

Local Area Networks

Abtec is your trusted partner in creating high-speed, reliable, and secure Local Area Networks (LANs) tailored to your needs. Our expert team understands the critical role of a robust LAN in facilitating seamless communication and data sharing within your organisation. With our extensive experience, we design and implement LAN solutions that ensure optimal performance, minimal downtime, and top-tier security. From planning to deployment, we are dedicated to providing LAN solutions that empower your business with efficient connectivity and enhanced productivity. Partner with us to elevate your network infrastructure and drive your business forward with confidence.

Internet of Things

We are your trusted partner in delivering secure and private connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT). As Cisco’s first UK partner to achieve their prestigious Internet of Things specialism, we bring unparalleled expertise to the table. Our offerings encompass a range of connectivity solutions, from fixed cable connections to cutting-edge options like 5G private network connectivity and LoRaWAN. With our solutions, you can ensure seamless and secure communication between your IoT devices, harnessing the power of IoT to drive innovation and efficiency in your business operations. Trust Abtec to provide you with tailored IoT connectivity solutions that empower your business for the digital future

Wireless Access

Abtec Network Systems Ltd is your go-to partner for comprehensive corporate Wi-Fi solutions that elevate your connectivity standards. Collaborating with market-leading vendors such as Cisco, Meraki, and Aruba, we design and implement Wi-Fi solutions that meet the unique demands of your business. Our expertise extends beyond deployment; we also offer Wi-Fi testing and reporting to ensure optimal performance and coverage. With Abtec, you’re not just getting Wi-Fi connectivity – you’re getting a tailored solution backed by industry leaders and supported by our expert team. Trust us to provide you with seamless and secure corporate Wi-Fi that enhances your business operations.

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Business Grade Internet

We are a premier provider of business-grade internet access, catering specifically to the needs of enterprises. As a leading ISP, we understand the critical importance of reliable and high-speed connectivity for your business operations. Our offerings encompass a diverse range of connectivity options, tailored to your requirements. Whether you’re seeking the efficiency of broadband or the dedicated power of leased lines, we have the solutions to match your needs. With us, you’re not just getting internet access – you’re getting a partner committed to keeping your business seamlessly connected, supported by our expertise and dedication to your success.

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