Security, Risk and Compliance Management

Effective IT, with Security at its Core

In today’s landscape, IT and security go hand in hand. As IT systems become more open for dispersed workforces and collaborators, security becomes paramount. Yet, finding the right balance between system flexibility and robust security often becomes paralysing for many businesses, stalling projects and hindering growth.

We work with businesses to free them from that paralysis and enable them to make informed, balanced decisions that provide agile infrastructure and exceptional security, and to keep their businesses running securely.

Designing Security Controls

We can work with you to ensure you have the controls and oversight in place to enjoy consistent availability, as well as robust security across your network.

Our security specialists can advise on, and implement, every aspect of your security requirements.  Starting simple, with email filtering and multifactor authorisation (MFA), or as complex as cloud firewalls and sophisticated intrusion protection.

Not only that, we can actively monitor your network and devices for suspect behaviours and traffic.  Catching potential issues before any impact is felt by the business.

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Risk and Compliance

Compliance is becoming a significant burden for IT teams and business units.  Navigating the technical requirements of GDPR, PCI-DSS, Cyber Essentials and ISO27001, to name a few, can be a major challenge.

With expert knowledge and practical experience gained working across some of the UK’s most heavily regulated industries, our team are well placed to cut through the noise and provide clear, practical guidance on support to ensure that you meet regulatory requirements and reduce risk, in a way that doesn’t hamper the day-to-day operations of the business. We also know that compliance is something of a moving target, and work to ensure any solution implemented can be expected to be fit for purpose across many regulatory cycles.

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Download our Best Practice Security Guide

Discover how to fortify your IT without massive investments, ensuring your business’ digital safety.  Download now and take the first step towards a robust and cost-effective security strategy.


Protecting Your Users

We understand the paramount importance of safeguarding your organisation’s IT users. Our comprehensive suite of security solutions is meticulously designed to protect your users from potential threats and vulnerabilities.

With our expert team and state-of-the-art tools, we ensure that your users can work confidently in a secure digital environment. From proactive threat detection to robust data encryption, we have you covered. Partner with us to create a fortified IT ecosystem where your users can operate efficiently and securely, allowing you to focus on driving your business’ success.

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Threat Management and Incident Response

The IT threat landscape is ever-changing, meaning that even the most robust security protocols cannot be relied on to be 100% secure. In this case, having a reliable response plan for when security is breached is as important as investing in security itself.

At Abtec, we help our clients define and, where necessary, implement a solid incident response plan that enables them to swiftly identify and mitigate any damage from a security breach.  We help ensure that business data and systems can be rapidly restored so that businesses can carry on functioning.  We can also provide the forensic analysis and malware removal services needed to first regain the security of the network and identify and address any weaknesses. 

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