Secure Managed Networks

Your network is crucial for your customer satisfaction and profitability. You can’t afford any downtime or lagging performance.

That’s why Abtec offers you reliable, adaptable network services, backed by tier-one carrier partners. This ensures your team has reliable support, regardless of applications or work environment.

Wide Area Network (WAN)

Abtec’s nationwide private network can provide a secure, fully managed means of connecting all your sites to head office or private cloud facilities. It can improve communication and access to shared files, providing a centralised, controlled access point to the outside world.

This can be paired with our SD-WAN, (software-defined Wide Area Network) to accommodate modern, dispersed teams, and cloud applications where direct access to the internet makes more sense in terms of latency, cost, and user experience. By leveraging intelligent software controls, we can securely and intelligently direct traffic across the private WAN directly to trusted SaaS and IaaS providers. This could improve application performance and deliver increased business productivity and agility.

Global Ethernet secure


With many companies looking to encourage staff to return to the office, some are finding that their LAN/WLANs are all configured for an increase in hot-deskers dependent on Wi-Fi rather than Ethernet connection. That can result in frustratingly slow connectivity compared to speeds users enjoy at home. At Abtec, we’re helping organisations audit, and upgrade their LAN and WLAN infrastructure to accommodate modern working practices and optimise the availability, performance, and security of their business-critical applications.

audit of software and systems

Network Management

Keeping tabs on exactly what’s going on across your network can be a significant drain on smaller internal IT teams. Administering network resources such as switches and routers, monitoring performance and activity across the network all absorb management time and, with the increasing adoption of BYOD and digitalisation, increasingly complex, requiring specialist tools and skills.

Abtec actively manages many of our clients’ networks.  We could manage yours too, enabling you to benefit from our economies of scale, as well as years of experience in getting the best from any number of network configurations from the data centre to the network edge.

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