Access Management

Smart Building Access Controls

Smart building access controls are an essential aspect of modern-day commercial buildings.  These systems provide an increased level of security, flexibility and energy efficiency, which can lead to improved occupancy experiences and reduced operational costs.

Increased Security

Smart building access controls enhance the security of the building and its occupants.  The systems are designed to restrict access to authorised personnel, with biometric authentication and other advanced security features.  In case of emergency, building access can be restricted, monitored and controlled from a central location, allowing for quicker response times and reduced risk to occupants.

Improved Flexibility

Smart building access controls provide property managers with the flexibility to control access to different parts of the building based on the time of day, day of the week or specific events.  This helps to reduce energy consumption and increase the overall efficiency of the building.  With smart building access controls, property managers can change access rights remotely, making it easier to manage access to the building.

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Energy Efficiency

Smart building access controls can significantly improve the energy efficiency of a building.  For example, lighting and HVAC systems can be automatically turned off when areas of the building are unoccupied, reducing energy consumption and cutting costs.  Similarly, by controlling access to certain areas of the building, property managers can minimise the use of lighting, heating and cooling systems, which can reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

Improved Occupancy Experience

Smart building access controls help to create a comfortable and convenient environment for building occupants.  With the ability to control lighting and temperature from a central location, property managers can create a more pleasant and efficient working environment for employees, which can boost productivity and satisfaction.

Data Collection and Management

Smart building access controls provide property managers with the ability to collect and analyse data on building usage patterns.  This data can be used to identify areas of the building that are being underutilised, allowing property managers to optimise energy usage and reduce operating costs.  In addition, the data collected can be used to inform future investment decisions and support energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives.

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