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The world of communications has changed dramatically in the last few years. With office phones as we once knew them becoming a novelty, rather than a necessity, as we’ve settled into hybrid working models, and video chat enjoying near ubiquity for both client-facing and internal conversations.

We work with organisations across all sectors to navigate the many challenges of this new way of working and ensure that their staff and customers can interact cost-effectively and efficiently, irrespective of their locations.

Cloud-based, Managed UCaaS

With team members working across different offices, at home, or changing location regularly, it’s important that they have tools that enable them to stay in touch, in a consistent manner with colleagues and customers alike. Our cloud-based Unified Communications and a Service (UCaaS) platform, built on market leading telephony enables them to do just that, while freeing you from the administrative burden of maintaining a traditional telephony platform.

Our UCaas service is ideal for organisations with sophisticated telephony needs, such as contact centres.

Cloud-based, managed UCaaS

Empowering Remote Workers

Abtec’s UCaaS solution means numbers can be rerouted easily to home landlines, mobile devices, or even softphone applications on staff laptops. No longer do team members need to dial in to check answerphone messages, or rely on colleagues to field calls while out of the office.  Our feature-rich solution empowers your people with voice, video and messaging delivered to them on any device in any location. It enables teams to collaborate more effectively through presence, instant messaging, persistent file sharing and high-quality video conferencing.

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Why UCaaS?

The operational and financial benefits of implementing cloud-based unified communications bare now well documented, with adoption resulting in:

Lower Total Cost of Ownership.

All of the cloud communications solutions we provide are flexible, fully scalable and available on a subscription basis. you’ll only pay for what you use. In addition, your communications platform becomes future-proofed. Upgrade cycles will be a thing of the past and you’ll always have access to the latest version of the service.

Continuity of Service

By placing your communications platforms in the cloud, you remove the maintenance burden from your team, with responsibility for uptime moving to the vendor. With uptimes from vendors above 99%, the risk of any outage is minimal.

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Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is an increasingly important part of any business communications strategy, as we see staff members defaulting to using a single, personal device for all phone calls.  From a management perspective this can introduce an element of risk however, in terms of ensuring security of those devices, and maintaining applications and access.

Abtec’s approach to MDM is one led by pragmatism and best practice.  We work with you to deliver a management service which is as unobtrusive as possible for end-users, while maintaining appropriate levels of quality, compliance,  security and control for the business, as well as ensuring consistency across Android and Apple devices.

Mobile device management MDM

Microsoft Teams Voice and Direct Routing

If you’d prefer a straightforward system, without the sophisticated features of our UCaaS platform, we recommend Microsoft’s Teams Voice service.  This service empowers your organisation with unified communication and collaboration. By integrating voice capabilities into Microsoft Teams, you can streamline communication, enhance teamwork, and simplify IT management. Experience the benefits of a single platform for messaging, calling, and meetings, ensuring efficient communication and improved productivity. Trust Abtec to elevate your business with a comprehensive Microsoft Teams Voice solution that fosters seamless collaboration and drives your organisation’s success.

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