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We don’t just fit and install smart building technology. We want you to get the most out your investment. That’s why we offer advice, training and support for all the technologies we deliver.

Underutilised Building Management Systems

There are few things worse than seeing your investment in smart building management systems go to waste, yet we see it repeatedly. We find there are two main causes for this:

  1. Colleagues have left the business and taken the knowledge of the system with them
  2. Specialist knowledge has been outsourced to contractors, and a budget has to be raised every time a system change is required

Our training services can help with both of these issue, find out more below.

poor investment in smart building management systems

Smart Building Technology Training

Our training services can help ensure that you’re getting the maximum return for your investment. Your team will have the knowledge required to manage the systems we’ve installed.

Rather than paying and waiting for contractors to make simple changes to your system, these could be done in house.

Our training covers many aspects of managing building management systems and is ideal for facilities management teams and building users.

Advice & training on smart building technology

Are you looking for advice and training on building technology?

Abtec are happy to provide advice and training when it comes to integrating and using your business technology. Discover what training and skill development options we offer.

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KNX Training

KNX is a standardised communication protocol used for home and building automation. It enables the integration and control of various devices, including lighting, heating, ventilation, security, and audio/video equipment, through a single network.

KNX is an open protocol, meaning that devices from different manufacturers can communicate with each other, allowing for greater flexibility and interoperability.

We run several different KNX training courses, from basic to sophisticated, that can be tailored to facilities and building management teams.

Advice & training on building technology - KNX Training

IP Training

IP, or Internet Protocol, is central to modern building management. It’s the transport mechanism that links the separate building controls and systems together.

It’s a really popular training topic with building services engineers and facilities managers.

Our training starts with the basics of IP and provides you with all the knowledge to help you troubleshoot and maintain your BMS IP network infrastructure.

Advice & training on building technology - IP Training