Ibstock Brick Eclipse Factory: Case Study

Part of Ibstock plc, Ibstock Brick is the UK’s most sustainable brick manufacturer

Its Eclipse Factory at the company’s headquarters in Leicestershire is a genuine trailblazer in terms of sustainable infrastructure. The result is the UK’s most efficient brickworks, in which every area has been fine-tuned to ensure optimum sustainability.

Ibstock Brick’s Eclipse Factory has the capacity to produce 100 million bricks a year. Its objective was to raise the bar for the utilisation and management of energy. With lighting such a fundamental part of any manufacturing facility, the company wanted to install the latest technologies to help save on costs, energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

The nature of the environment within the factory made the choice of equipment especially challenging. The harsh environmental conditions meant that the system not only had to be energy efficient but also had to be installed to a very specific standard. This called for thought in the design and consideration for the maintenance of the lighting in the future.

The project included the installation of the most efficient, next generation lighting and related controls. Utilising the DALI lighting control protocol, the system ensures the lighting provides the required LUX levels while being dimmed either up or down depending on output. The result is a 50% saving when it is compared with the cost of a traditional lighting solution, saving 170,041 kg CO2 per year.

We delivered:

  • Lighting Control
  • Building Management Systems
Employees being briefed

“What we have achieved with the team from Abtec is the coming-together of the key elements of integrated energy management. it is worth noting this ‘intelligent’ building management project has contributed to us winning a number of high-profile sustainability award commendations. it has resulted in a 170,041 kg co2 per year, (when coupled with the automated emergency testing further savings that are expected). these numbers are very significant indeed and make a major contribution to our overall energy efficiency goals”