1st anniversary of ARGOHub launch

Twelve months on from the launch of a ground-breaking emergency lighting software technology, Abtec Building Technologies (Abtec BT) says it is now as important as ever for building managers and operators to focus on building safety.

ARGOHub, a software as a service (SaaS) offering, was launched by Abtec BT last Autumn after five years in development in response to an urgent market need for secure, robust emergency lighting reporting solutions.

With post-Grenfell legislative changes continuing to hit the headlines, the subject of building safety – and buildings which fail to keep occupants safe – remains headline news. Most recently, residents raised concerns about the safety of homes in Brooke House, Basildon, where emergency lighting did not work; the leader of Basildon Council said he would “do what he could” to help residents find new homes if they wanted to move.

In the commercial sector, with more people returning to their place of work, Abtec BT believes even greater work is needed to shine a spotlight on the ways in which building users can be assured of safety at all times.

Dave Watkins, Director of Abtec Building Technologies, comments: “Building safety continues to need the full attention of our industry – and there must be a ‘no compromises’ approach from building owners and managers. Emergency lighting is about more than the luminaires, and building managers and operators must be sure they can control, monitor and test their emergency lighting systems with ease and confidence. Yet too many buildings reman ill-equipped with outdated systems and testing practices. This means they cannot be relied upon in the event of an incident.

“With the recently launched Draft Building Safety Bill, those with responsibility must take a good look at their existing system and ask themselves whether it is truly fit for purpose. We know from experience that integrating technology such as ARGOHub into building management systems will enhance overall building safety and bring peace of mind to building owners, operators and users everywhere.”

Technology solution 

Launched September last year, ARGOHub allows building managers to maintain a close watch on system performance and respond quickly to actual or potential faults. For clients with multiple sites, ARGOHub can be integrated with Google Maps to provide location-based monitoring worldwide. Fully supportive of the current industry standards, ARGOHub can be tested in accordance with BS EN 50172:2004/BS 5266-1:2016, which specify the minimum provision and testing of emergency lighting for different premises.

For more information visit the ARGOHub website.