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Abtec Building Technologies is your partner for cutting-edge solutions that lead to energy cost reduction, heightened tenant satisfaction, and enhanced building control. Our smart building controls and expertise empower organisations to achieve efficiency goals while maintaining optimal occupant experiences. Get in touch today to unlock the potential of advanced building management.

Energy Use Analysed

80% of a typical UK business’ energy consumption and carbon emissions come from the way buildings are lit, heated and used. Making simple changes to how we manage our buildings can have a significant impact on consumption and emissions. Installing an intelligent building controls system can help make those changes happen.

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Intelligent Lighting Control

We provide lighting control systems that can connect your client’s lighting to their building management system. Our lighting control expertise includes:

  • DALI lighting control
  • Presence detection
  • Automated emergency light testing
  • Constant daylight control
  • Lighting scene control
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Total Room Control

Total room automation, or total room control, is a cutting-edge technology ideal for corporate meeting rooms.  It provides a seamless, integrated solution for controlling and automating all aspects of a building’s infrastructure, including lighting, blind control and AV.

We can provide:

  • Integrated heating and lighting control
  • Occupancy measurement
  • Improved security and safety
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Intelligent Access Control

We can integrate our access control services into your client’s building management system. This means we can link lighting, IP CCTV and other building controls together with access control to increase the security of the building.

We provide:

  • Key fob, keypad or key-less biometric entry systems
  • Permission based entry systems – restricting where building users can go
  • Remote administration of access control
  • Video and voice integrated door entry systems
  • Access control that integrates into a building’s BMS
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Building Management Systems

Building management systems (BMS) are increasingly becoming a staple in modern commercial buildings. These systems are designed to help facilities managers and building owners keep their buildings running efficiently, effectively and most importantly, safely.

We work with most major BMS vendors, and have specialist knowledge of the Tridium Niagara system. We’ve delivered building controls and BMS systems for over a decade. Here are some of the benefits of we’ve delivered for our clients.

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