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IT Security means many things to many different people. What’s not up for debate though, is that no matter how large your business, or what market you operate in, ensuring you have a robust and up-to-date security stance is essential.

No longer is security simply an insurance policy against “what might happen”. It increasingly forms part of business strategy, and your security stance can make the difference between winning or losing that next enterprise client.

Working with multiple vendors, we’re not driven by commission or mark-ups. Our approach to security is driven by a pragmatic, ‘real world’ view of what security measures provide your business with levels of protection that are appropriate for you and your clients.

Managed Security Services

The speed and scale at which the cyber security landscape is changing (not to mention the ever-evolving number and shape of threats) mean that cybersecurity is a full-time job. Many small IT teams simply don’t have the resource to adequately manage it internally. That’s where Abtec can add real value.

Our Managed Security Services provide a comprehensive set of ongoing support and maintenance which include active monitoring for suspect traffic, devices and behaviours across your network:

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Managing cybersecurity

Business Continuity and DR

IT Disaster Recovery (DR) and business continuity are fundamental parts of your IT and business strategy. This requires a broad, multi-faceted and connected approach – that ensure all part of the business, including business planning teams and IT are working together.

We work with you to design continuity and recovery plans that first aim to mitigate the impact of any outage, and secondly, should the worst happen, ensure that the necessary processes are in place to protect your data and have you up and running again with minimal business impact.

That includes providing guidance and services designed to prevent an event – such as multiple disk failures – from causing an unacceptable loss of data or productivity and setting out the recovery priorities for your IT systems, applications, and data. This will include networks, servers, desktops/laptops, wireless devices, data, and connectivity.

IT Disaster Recovery Business Continuity

Security Assessments

As with many things in life, it’s hard to improve your security effectively, if you don’t know you’re your current strengths and vulnerabilities. Rather than take a “cookie cutter” approach to our security offering, at Abtec we feel strongly that each of our clients are provided with the right advice and technologies for their needs, their organisational footprint, and their budget.

Our security assessments take into account these variables, as well as all current applications, hardware and dataflows, to build an accurate picture of your current security stance and what, if anything, needs to be addressed.

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IT Security Audits
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