Time to review your security

It’s only February and two huge data breaches have already been identified. Collection #1 and Collection #2-#5 contain an estimated 3 billion email addresses and passwords.

You can find out if you’ve been affected here: https://sec.hpi.de/ilc/search

This is yet another reason to review your IT infrastructure’s security measures. Network and infrastructure attacks take many forms. These data breaches raise potential vulnerabilities in remote network access and email security. Unfortunately, many people will still use the same password, or variations on a password, across multiple applications. Forcing colleagues to use strong passwords is the first step in improving security, and implementing a rule to change passwords at regular intervals can help too. However, these can open other security issues, for example people sticking passwords to monitors in plain view of everyone else!

There are better strategies to take in securing your infrastructure. Contact Abtec on 01858 438 500 to book a security review to identify the best for you.

Also, download our Building Better Disaster Recovery Plans guide to find out more ways to prevent unplanned interruptions to your infrastructure.